How to Learn the Muscles of the Body for Artists - Part 5 - Locating the Female Pelvis

It doesn't really matter whether you start by drawing the male or the female pelvis. I tossed a coin at the start of this process and it came up tails. So I went for the male pelvis first. Snigger.

So now we've spent the last few posts on locating the male pelvis, we can look at the differences in the female pelvis.

Let's start with the front view.

The lowest line still goes across at the groin. So far so good. But when we look at where we place the top two corners of this rectangle, they are much lower down. On the male, the main rectangle comes up to the belly button. On the female, it is lower. It is approximately three quarters up from the groin to the belly button.

Because the pelvis is not as tall I, I have divided the main rectangle into just four horizontal sections.

At the top, I've only extended the grid by about half of the height of one of the horizontal sections. I've also added in two vertical lines halfway between the edges and the original vertical lines that come up from the lowest part of the pelvis.

Drawing the pelvis shouldn't be too tricky now, as you've already got the general shape from the male pelvis. Just be careful of the angle of the top of the pelvis and the shape of the holes at the front. They are almost triangular in comparison to the circular holes of the male pelvis.

The back view uses the same grid as the front. Again, bear in mind the angle of the top of the pelvis and the triangular shape of the holes.

The side view starts the same as the male with the lowest line being level with the groin. The vertical line is approximately halfway across the width of the leg. I then drew a 45° line as for the male pelvis.

I drew a vertical line the same length as the 45° degree line and made a small mark. This later became the start point of the upper horizontal line. I then extended this vertical line by a third.

The next line joins up the two vertical lines at approximately a 40° angle.

I then drew a line down at approximately 15° that finishes just shy of the back.

The curved line finishes off the framework.

Drawing the pelvis is now very similar to the male with the same face/ bracket { shape being evident at the front.

Now, this has all been a lot of work in getting to know the pelvis. Next week we're going to reap the rewards and start attaching muscles. Hooray! See you next time.

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