Creating Stylised Planets in ZBrush Part 3

One of the great things about ZBrush is FiberMesh (and yes, it is supposed to be all one word for some reason).

For one of my planets I wanted it covered in grass. To sculpt every individual blade of grass would take me years. It would also be a complete waste of my time. But luckily, FiberMesh exists. All I needed to do was mask an area on the planet where I wanted grass to grow and then click on the FiberMesh button. Little fibres appeared instantly and I was able to tweak their lengths and the amount that were in a certain area. It took me about 5 minutes to cover areas of a planet in grass. I was a happy man.

I could decide on how stylised to make it look too. I could fatten up each individual blade of grass. Perfect for creating stylised planets.

But FiberMesh is not just limited to grass, oh no, I also used it to create branches of a tree and even added some leaves. Again, all of this was done very quickly.

As well as messing about this week with fibres, I've also been working on the composition of the painting and even got to add a few lights. I think that I'm going for a look that is somewhere between a video game and a dark ride at a theme park. I've got fond memories of both from my childhood so it feels appropriate.

Apologies for getting a bit behind with these posts but if you want to see these videos as soon they come out you can always subscribe to my YouTube channel and if you hit the notification bell you'll be notified when each one is released.

See you next time!

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