Creating Stylised Planets in ZBrush Part 2

In this video, I add more details to my stylised planet and then paint on a little splash of colour to liven things up a bit.

You may be looking at this post and watching the video because you want to create your own stylised planets in ZBrush and that's completely understandable. The video will certainly help you to do this. But I thought that I'd write this post from a different angle.

I use ZBrush to plan my acrylic paintings. This has great advantages but also some pitfalls. One of the pitfalls that I fell into with my last painting was adding far too much detail into my plan, detail that I would never paint.

Simplicity's Warmth

I added subtle textures to each element and the lights in the fins even had metal surrounds and pieces of curved glass. This all took a long time to do. It wasn't a complete waste of time because I learned a lot about ZBrush as I was doing it but it wasn't that useful for my painting.

I'm having to walk the same line in my new painting. I keep having to ask myself whether I will be able to actually paint the detail I'm sculpting in the final painting. If the answer is no then I may still carry on with it if I'm learning a lot from it.

One example was when I was started to use FiberMesh for the leaves of the palm trees. It didn't quite fit in with the style of the stylised planets. Saying that I did use FiberMesh on a later tree just to get the experience of doing it.

It was fun.

I've started work on the character for my new painting and I'm definitely going down the route of learning a lot rather than needing all of the details for the painting. But we'll come to the joys that are Boolean operations in a future post.

See you next time!

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