Creating a Robot using Booleans in ZBrush


Sounds terrifying to me. I don't know what they are and I want them to leave me alone in my boolean free environment.

And yet, now I've used them to create a robot, I've found that they are friendly little critters and a lot more simple than you'd expect.

Let's take a sphere and a cube and look at the basics of booleans.

If we intersect the cube and the sphere we have four options. We can have the two added together:

Or we can subtract the sphere from the cube:

Or we can subtract the cube from the sphere:

The final option is to have just the intersection of the two shapes:

And that's it! The rest is creativity. It's all a matter of starting with simple shapes and then adding, subtracting or intersecting them to get more complicated shapes. Then these complicated shapes can be added, subtracted or intersected to create even more interesting shapes.

To see booleans in practise, watch this video showing how I created this robot:

And here's the video of me creating a robot in ZBrush using booleans:

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