Hue, Saturation and Value for Artists

Controlling hue, saturation and value is one of the fundamental issues that artists have to deal with. But what are they?

Watch the video above for definitions of the three terms. You'll also get to see them used on my new painting. Watch how I manipulate the three variables to achieve certain results. They are invaluable in creating depth in paintings and also in directing the viewer's attention to your focal point. Combine this with a knowledge of colour mixing - you can read about my colour mixing series by Clicking Here - and you'll have given yourself some fantastic art tools.

Not only are these skills applicable to traditional media but can also be applied to digital works too. Knowing the definitions of these terms and how to work with them will really increase your control of colour in your paintings. Find out more by watching the above video.

See you next time!

For the start of this planning process: Click Here.

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