How to Stop Being a Perfectionist

In this video, I look at the beginning stages of the creation of my new painting and also discuss how to stop being a perfectionist, something that I suffer from quite a bit.

For eighteen years I worked as an infant teacher. Being a teacher is not a great job for a perfectionist because you can never reach perfection. You can work and work (and work!) and still be disappointingly far away from perfection. At the end of the year, I didn't congratulate myself on my successes, I berated myself for anything that had gone wrong, however slightly.

Eventually this constant drive for perfection burnt me out and I had to leave teaching. Since becoming an artist, I've found perfectionism rearing its ugly head once again, especially given the amount of detail I add to my paintings. This video gives some tips that I've found useful in my quest to stop being a perfectionist.

See you next time!

For the start of this planning process: Click Here.

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