How to Mix Realistic Colours

In my recent post in this series, I looked at how to mix bright and vibrant colours by using a split primary palette. Today I'm going to go the opposite way and look at how to dirty up your colours so that look a lot more realistic.

Colours in real life aren't generally perfectly bright and vibrant, they are at least slightly muted. So in this video I focus on mixing what are called broken colours. It is where colour mixing really gets fun. Well, I think it does any way...

If you've been following along with this series, this instalment is where you will go from being a beginner in colour mixing to a fully qualified intermediate. It certainly gets a bit trickier and you will have to have a steady hand when adding small quantities of paint.

Next time though, things get even trickier as we move into my favourite field of colour mixing: mixing greys. See you next time!

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