How to Mix Bright and Vibrant Colours

Being an artist, one of the questions that I constantly get asked is: Can I mix any colour from the three primary colours, red, yellow and blue?

The answer is yes. No. Sort of.

You can mix a version of every colour. So you can mix a purple, an orange etc but you won't be able to mix every purple and orange. In fact, the colours you mix might even be a tad on the muddy side.

With any set of three primary colours you will be able to mix one secondary colour that is bright and vibrant, one that is slightly muddy and another that is very muddy.

The question is then: How many pots of paint do I need so that I can mix bright vibrant versions of all three of the secondary colours?

The answer comes from something called a split primary palette and to find out more, watch the video above and all will be revealed. No more muddy colours! Unless that's what you're after!

See you next time!

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