Planning an Acrylic Painting in ZBrush Part 4

In this video, I finish off my plan using Keyshot and Photoshop.

At the start I thought I would be able to render all of my sculptures in ZBrush, adding different materials and lighting. If I was doing something simple that would be possible.

But I never go for simple.

I wanted glass as part of my sculpture. I wanted lights being built into the sculpture. I wanted realistic reflections from one object to another. ZBrush can't really do this. It is more a 2.5 renderer than a full 3-D renderer.

I needed Keyshot.

Keyshot takes the sculpture from ZBrush and allows me to change the materials including transparent materials, translucent materials and also light materials. That's not light as in the opposite of heavy, it's light as in sunlight or torch light! These materials are excellent in Keyshot. Despite the cost and the extra time it takes to learn it, I would still really recommend Keyshot if you've got ZBrush.

I then finalised the plan by adding in the ribbons using Photoshop. I didn't want to sculpt all of these and it was easier to look at negative space in a 2-D program.

You can watch all of this process in the video above. See you next time!

For the first part of this process: Click Here.

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