Planning an Acrylic Painting in ZBrush Part 3

Finally things are starting to take shape.

In this video, I get some colour on to the sculpture. And it was fun.

While ZBrush isn't the most extensive painting app, putting some colour on to a sculpture is extremely satisfying. This is where I was able to see the possibilities of planning an acrylic painting in ZBrush. Just moving the camera around the sculpture is excellent to look at different compositions. What would take ages on paper is done in the flick of a mouse. That's not to say that designing on paper doesn't have its uses too. With my level of ZBrush skill, I would say that paper would be a quicker option at the moment, but I have to learn it at some point.

So watch the video to see how I added colour to my sculpture. See you next time!

For the start of this planning process: Click Here.

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