Planning an Acrylic Painting in ZBrush Part 1

Last week I talked about doing something scary. Well, I'm going to continue scaring myself now as I attempt to plan my next acrylic painting using ZBrush.

I like things to be user friendly. I like things to do what I expect them to do. ZBrush is a mixed bag in this respect. There are certain functions, like the ability to sculpt symmetrically, that work like a dream and make the whole process a lot easier. But then there are other aspects that really don't behave how you would expect.

Digital clay. That's what I was expecting.

Sometimes it behaves like that.

And at other times it glitches and behaves like a lump of pixellated ones and zeros.

So ZBrush is far from perfect. This video is me getting to grips with its eccentricities and learning how to create something from scratch. I'm certainly no expert. It will allow you to see the mistakes I made and also the successes I had.

Planning an acrylic painting in ZBrush is a daunting prospect for someone who hasn't used the app before but it is extremely rewarding and allows me to do things that I wouldn't normally do: I can rotate my plan, I can light it in different ways and I can even change the materials of each part.

All in all I would recommend trying this if you feel like a challenge.

For the start of this planning process: Click Here.

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