Tackling ZBrush for the First Time

Starting new things can be daunting. Starting new things of which you have no experience can be stunningly daunting.

ZBrush is one of those things.

Everything about ZBrush was alien to me. Just navigating around a 3-D object was very tricky.

And yet it's so much fun.

ZBrush has a steep learning curve but as time went by, I noticed that I was becoming increasingly proficient. Moving around an object and using a sculpting brush to carve out shapes is an absolute joy. This feeling of pleasure made it easier for me to continue learning and push through some pretty tricky learning. Within a month, I had created and painted an eyeball which I was really proud of. A video of that eye will be coming soon.

To buy Zbrush is expensive, but if you want to give it a go, you can get a free trial for a month and play around with it. You do need a fairly powerful computer but it's a lot of fun. If you really get into it you can also get a free trial of Keyshot which is an app that I'll come back to in a later video.

For the start of this planning process: Click Here.

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