How to Mix Tints of Colours - How to Mix Colours: Part 2

If you missed the first instalment of this colour mixing series, Click Here.

Now that you've learned how to mix the primary colours to get secondary colours, it's time to find out how to mix tints of colours.

Tints are made by adding white paint to a colour. That doesn't sound too hard. But doing this is a very precise and controlled way can be a tad trickier. This video will show you how to mix very precise tones of colours. The tonal exercise I do in the video can be tailored to your skill level. You could just mix five different tones using a colour and white or if you wanted a real challenge you could have a go at mixing twenty plus different tones.

Mixing tints of colours is one way of making a colour lighter. It can be used in many circumstances. There are problems with solely relying on this technique and I'll come back to the subject of making colours lighter in a later video.

Let's mix some tints!

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