Planning Acrylic Paintings Digitally - Part 3 - Advantages and Disadvantages

I spend a lot of my time planning my acrylic paintings digitally. But is it worth it? What are the advantages and disadvantages? In this article, I'll give you my thoughts on this process. If you missed Part 1 where I talk about why an alleged technophobe would want to engage in planning acrylic paintings digitally, then click here. And for Part 2 where I give an overview of the process, click here. Let's start with the positives then: Advantages 1. It's great to learn something new. I taught infant children for eighteen years so I've got a passion for lifelong learning. It gives you a sense of achievement, a purpose, and a challenge. If you decide that planning paintings digitally is for yo

Planning Acrylic Paintings Digitally - Part 2 - How I use ZBrush, Keyshot, and Photoshop.

In part 1, I looked at why a supposed technophobe would have any interest in planning acrylic paintings digitally. In this instalment, I'll give you an insight into how I use the various apps. This is a general overview of the process I use and can change depending on the painting I'm working on. It will give you a taster of what can be done when you plan digitally. I start planning a painting by using a process of free association. To see how this works, I've made a little video to demonstrate. Free association is a great way to beat artist's block especially if you don't mind things getting slightly surreal. Next, I draw some thumbnail sketches to help me develop ideas for the composition.

Planning Acrylic Paintings Digitally - Part 1 - Technophobe?

I'm sure that many people think I'm a technophobe. So why do I plan my acrylic paintings digitally? In this post, I'll look into the reason for this strange phenomenon. In part 2, the process of planning digitally will be explored. Finally, part 3 we'll look at the pros and cons of this process. It took me a long time to acquire any type of device with access to the internet. I can remember watching an episode of Gamesmaster in the 90s where Dominic Diamond had the challenge of finding five interesting things on the internet. He struggled intensely to do this. So I didn't bother with the internet for a long time. I need to digress for a little while now and talk about my favourite author. Yo

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