Catching Unhelpful Thoughts - My Interpretation of "Picking Daisies"

"Picking Daisies" is my latest painting in the "Guardians" series and it is a direct companion to "The Insidious Whisper" from "The Seven Gates" series. "The Insidious Whisper" explores what happens when a person's internal monologue turns rogue during episodes of depression. It is like having another mysterious entity, shrouded in fog, whispering into one's ear. The things it whispers are not helpful thoughts. For my full interpretation: Click Here One of the things that helped me in tackling these rogue thoughts is acknowledging that they exist. "The Insidious Whisper" has also aided me in having an image of where these thoughts are coming from. Now, when I have a self-deprecating thought,

Removing the Cause of Depression - My Interpretation of "Revelation"

In this post, I'll give you my interpretation of my painting "Revelation". The main theme is removing the cause of depression. It is based on my experience of depression and I'm aware that taking away the root cause of depression is not always possible. Luckily for me, I was able to do this and the effects have been stunning. Teachers. They work from 9 to 3, play with plasticine all day, and get loads of holidays. They've got it so cushy. This is a commonly held view, perpetuated by the media. Even I partially believed it when I first went into teaching. And I was so wrong. I worked at a school in a socially deprived area and we had the problem that in general, the children came into school

The Joy of Keeping Things Simple: My Interpretation of "Simplicity's Warmth"

The whole point of advertising is to cause fear. If you don't buy the new toilet cleaner, you'll become ill from all of those nasty germs. If you don't buy the new iPhone you'll be a social leper because your phone doesn't have a new feature that is only a very marginal improvement on previous iterations. If you don't buy that new pair of trainers, you'll be a loser. Your old trainers were the height of fashion up to a week ago but now the new fashions are out you look like an idiot and everyone will dance round you in a circle, clapping, and chanting "Scruffbag! Scruffbag!" I may be joking and making light of this phenomenon but there is a dark side to advertising in this way. An individual

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