The Process Behind 'Skin the Shine of the Rain' Part 2

If you missed Part 1, Click Here. The main thing that springs to mind when I think about the painting process of 'Skin the Shine of the Rain' is that it took ages. This was all due to me injuring my right hand on another painting project. It's still not healed completely, but at least I'm able to paint for a reasonable time every day. In the early stages of the painting, I could only use my right hand for about five minutes a day so I had to almost exclusively use my left hand. Ah, so you're ambidextrous, you may be thinking. Er, no. Many of my early attempts looked like they'd been done by a five-year old child. Who was extremely bad at painting. But as I slowed down, I was able to block in

The Process Behind 'Skin the Shine of the Rain' Part 1

This painting has probably been through the most changes over the course of its creation. The central idea of a destructive creature pushing people away has remained throughout each version. I started with this idea and drew a few thumbnail sketches to consider different compositions (see above) and then I used Photoshop to develop my favourite further (and please bear in mind that the stupid looking bull/wolf creature is a placeholder for what would have been a rather strong and powerfully violent creature): I quite liked this, it had a distressing atmosphere. But it seemed to be missing something visually. So I tried this: And I was virtually sold on this idea, obviously with a different c

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