Bad Art Experiences

I recently posted a couple of bad art experiences on social media. I'll share them with you here in more detail. The first was from my school days. I was probably about 15 and in an art lesson. At that time we used powder paints (which I still love); we only got to use those new fangled acrylics in the sixth form. I was mixing some paint and noticed how brown and disgusting the paint water looked. One thing led to another and I was pouring in more powder to thicken up the water. Then for a dare, I drank it. It was fairly horrible as the sludgy powdery manky badness slipped down my throat. Luckily, I lived to face another day. A second school based incident was when I took a 2 litre bottle of

When the Internal Monologue Goes Rogue: My Interpretation of 'The Insidious Whisper' Part 2

In my last post, I detailed how one's internal monologue can turn into a stealthy enemy when depression strikes. Now let's look at how that all fits in with my painting 'The Insidious Whisper'. Please note that what follows is my interpretation. If you would rather do the hard work yourself then you can pop off now and make a lovely cup of tea instead of reading on. The painting as a whole represents what is happening in my head during times when I am suffering from depression. The setting has been described as post-apocalyptic. I see it more as mid-apocalypse. As time goes on, the buildings will continue to crumble and the sparse vegetation will completely perish leaving a barren, dead worl

When the Internal Monologue Goes Rogue: My Interpretation of 'The Insidious Whisper'

In this series of posts I will give you my interpretation of my painting 'The Insidious Whisper'. If you would like to watch them in video form then click below: The internal monologue: it can be defined as thinking in words. It's the voice that you have in your head all the time as you think about things. (This is not the same as hearing other voices in your head, which is an auditory hallucination common in people with psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia.) It's your own voice, and you use it to solve problems, reflect on what has happened during your day, dream about your next holiday or ruminate on the likely success of Doncaster Rovers in the upcoming season. Well, you do if you're

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