Linda Wain's Procolour Artist Acrylics - Review

For a video version of this post, click below: I've tried a variety of media when creating art: gouache, watercolour, pastels, coloured pencils, acrylics and digital (Corel Painter and Photoshop). Each medium has pros and cons. For example, gouache is opaque but using thin washes will spoil the layers below, acrylics can be used in this way but many coats are needed to create the desired opacity and digital media, while being infinitely flexible, are a nightmare for the perfectionist (ooh, I'll just go back and fix that bit, and that bit etc.) and also lack that indefinable something that only comes from putting brush to canvas. Maybe sometime soon I'll have a go at using oils but at the mom

Why I Create the Art I Do.

It's fair to say that given the subject matter of my paintings, I'm never going to be a millionaire. So why don't I paint something else? Something more mainstream? Something more decorative? Fair enough for artists out there to do just that. Thomas Kinkade has done pretty well for himself. And people in general like Caroline Shotton's work. But if I had to paint the same thing - be it quaint cottages or cows - over and over again, it would drive me insane. It would be like working on an art production line. There's no doubt that this would pay the rent, and a fair bit more besides. It certainly works for the previously named artists and I don't want to denigrate them in any way. Their work

Isolation and Self-Destruction: My Interpretation of 'Welcome' - Part 2

In Part 1 - Click Here if you missed it - I looked at my experience of voluntary isolation and self-destruction. Here, I'll detail how this fed into my painting 'Welcome'. Personally, the concept of isolation is a very seductive one when I'm ill. It's a great way to remove the support of friends and punish myself for deeds that the depression is telling me I've committed. So I designed a main character who would be seductive. I went down the path of utilising the way that companies seduce us when they are advertising their products. I used a slim female character to evoke the way that models are cynically employed to welcome people at some events e.g. the Essen Motor Show; just look it up on

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