How I Scan my Paintings.

Taking a break from the artistic side let's take a look at how I scan my artwork, making sure that it is identical to the original. Scanning paintings is a reoccuring topic on social media. If you are an artist, it can be expensive to get someone else to scan your artwork so here's my guide to scanning it yourself using an A4 scanner and Photoshop. (This process should be possible with Photoshop Elements too with some adaptation and is a far cheaper proposition if you are going to buy just one piece of software.) What follows is a guide on how to do this yourself but is also an insight into the work that goes into preparing art work for printing. While all of the following is perfectly possi

Website Redesign

When I became a full time professional artist I didn't think that I would have much to do with website design. Maybe the odd day or two to set up a site and then let it get on with it itself. How wrong I was... I'd recently redesigned my website and unleashed it unto the world. The feedback I received was generally positive. One concern was that the shop was too hard to find, so I rectified that and everything looked rosy. Then I had the clever thought of dabbling in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to make sure that Google knew who I was and that there was a good chance of my site being found. Now, popular belief would have it that you can learn anything from the internet. Mmm, maybe not wi

Which Genre Do I Fit Into?

Recently I've been questioning which genre of art I fit into and whether I want to fit into a genre at all. I'm going to digress for a while now, but don't worry I will get back to art eventually... I loved listening to John Peel on the radio. I loved the mix of styles he played, from Japanese thrash to jingly jangly indie pop. I never quite knew what to expect. He exposed whole new types of music to me, which I sometimes liked, sometimes hated, but the show was always interesting. Add to that the Festive 50 - a chart of the best 50 tracks of the year as voted for by his listeners - and it all adds up to make John Peel a hero and a legend. I'm not the kind of person who can just listen to on

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