Influence #1: Lucio Fulci

The influences that I'm going to post in the coming months are in no particular order and are in no way exhaustive. I'll kick off with one of my favourite film directors, Lucio Fulci. Possibly the first thing that springs to mind about Fulci's films - if you're in any way shape or form aware of them - is the gore. The extreme gore. The extreme gore that the director dwells on for a rather disturbingly long time. And don't get me wrong, I do quite enjoy that kind of thing, but it's not necessarily what I want to paint. I prefer an approach more along the lines of psychological horror. So, I hear you say, what's Fulci doing as one of your influences? Atmosphere. Yep, it's all about the atmosph

How I Gave Up A Perfectly Well Paid Job And Became A Professional Artist Instead: Part 3

So far I've dealt with leaving teaching and how I can afford to become an artist, but I haven't looked into what has led me into a career in art. Let's do that now... My first memory of drawing is from when I was five. I obviously drew before then but this has stuck in my mind ever since. I had been to see a certain film set in a galaxy far, far away and at that tender age I didn't know the full extent of how revolutionary Star Wars was but I was well aware that it was special. I came straight home and started drawing TIE fighters. My mum was amazed at how well I could remember the details. I don’t think that’s down to my powers of observation, more to the quality and originality of the desi

How I Gave Up A Perfectly Well Paid Job And Became A Professional Artist Instead: Part 2

I admit it. I was a rampant materialistic consumer. Of stupid proportions. When I first got a job, I would go out and buy whatever I wanted, whether I needed it or not. My record, book, comic, CD and DVD collections were extensive. I bought consoles on the day of release and spending £40 on a game was nothing. A new hobby would come along and I would buy all of the requisite gear. No expense spared. Christmas and birthdays were just obscene. The sheer quantity of presents was staggering. I don't even want to be reminded about it. I thought that I bought things because I was working really hard and could afford it. I deserved it. But what I realised over time was that I bought things to cheer

How I Gave Up A Perfectly Well Paid Job And Became A Professional Artist Instead: Part 1

So why does someone give up their job and become an artist without the promise of a steady income? I'm going to have spend a fair while explaining why I made this terrifying move because the change in my mindset didn't just happen overnight. Stick with it and we'll eventually get to the arty stuff. After eighteen years of teaching infants in various schools around the country, the prospect of having to teach for another twenty seven years before I could retire seemed to be way beyond what I was capable of. I was completely burnt out. The changes to pensions that the Government were proposing and the rise of the Academy were the final straws. I decided to leave teaching and give up a relative


Welcome one and all to my first blog post. Over the coming months I'll detail how I came to be working as a professional artist in the field of Dark Art, where I get my inspiration from, the process I go through to paint my images and lots of other incredibly interesting stuff (no doubt). Just to whet the appetite here's a little teaser shot of what I'm working on at the moment: This is just a small section and is definitely subject to change. At least it gives you a flavour of what I'm working on. Next time I'll start to detail how I ended up being an artist. See you then.

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