About David Denton

Mental health is a difficult subject for many people, including myself, to talk about. So I decided to paint it instead.


I create images that illustrate different facets of mental health issues to raise awareness and educate.


For eighteen years, I taught infant children in various schools around the country. I decided to change careers seven years ago due to a severe work/life imbalance. Since leaving teaching, I have been putting increasing amounts of effort into my artwork to the point where it felt that painting professionally full-time was the natural thing to do. 


I have suffered from depression and anxiety since my late teens. I've drawn on my experiences of these mental health issues to create personal and evocative images. I take an initial idea and then allow my subconscious to generate links through the use of free association. Using this approach, I create atmospheric art that is engaging and thought-provoking. I chose a traditional painting style rather than digital because of the personal content of the art.


I am a Doncaster based artist and use elements from the local area in my work. My influences are many and varied. I draw on ideas and images from the surrealist movement, cult films, and the stories of H.P. Lovecraft.